World of Ranks is a service that tracking player's statistic and calculating rankings for the guilds from World of Warcraft. It does this quickly by reading data from Battle.Net. Guilds are automatically refreshed around once every 3-5 days.

How is the ranking calculated?

The ranking is calculated based on the point sum of each guild.

How is the points calculated?

Each encounter (and achievement) has a maximal points attached. World first gets maximal points, for next kills points determined based on interval in days (or weeks) between the kill and the world first kill. Boss kills after 210 days grant zero points.

What's the difference between 'PvE' and 'PvA' rating?

  • PvE rating based on encounters: boss kills, hard mode kills;
  • PvA rating based on all skill based achievements.

What's the difference between 'by time' and 'by lockout' rating?

  • By time means your points depends on fastest kill time;
  • By lockout means you got the same amount of points during a week after weekly WoW maintenance.

I can't find my realm/guild/character.

Please follow to Add Guild/Character page and submit the form there.

Why didn't my guild get credit for a achievement/encounter?

On recent kills, it may take some time for the new achievements to show up on the Battle.Net. If achievement is "Guild Edition" and showing at your guild's profile on the, you just need to update the guild's profile at World of Ranks by using at guild's profile page. Otherwise, there are few steps for get credit:

  1. Get the achievement in game with 6+ members of the guild (for pre-Cataclysm 6/12 members for 10/25 raid size).
  2. Logout and wait till is showing achievement.
  3. Update that 6 characters at World of Ranks and wait till characters will be updated. You can using at guild's profile page or update characters at their own pages.
  4. Then update your guild by using at guild's profile page. Or just wait till the guild will be auto-updated (through a few hours/days).
  5. If a completed achievement is not showing after a forced update please try again a few hours later.

Encounters at World of Ranks is totally based on linked achievements.
So, as an example, if your guild got achievement "Firelands Guild Edition", so your guild also got credit all encounters at Firelands with normal difficulty. Unfortunatelly, there are no Guild Edition Achievements for heroic difficulty until Ragnaros. That's why you must to update a few raiders sometimes.

Global rankings calculated at least once per day, so your Guild Achievement/Encounter will be ranked within 24 hours or less after enroll.

Battle.Net is not showing an achievement but we have completed it. Can you do a manual adjustment?

World of ranks relies 100% on the data from Battle.Net and make no manual adjustments. If you feel as though Battle.Net is in error then you must to take this up with Blizzard Entertainment.

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